The Slovenian store staged a real comedy of confusion with a draw for PlayStation 5

The Slovenian store staged a real comedy of confusion with a draw for PlayStation 5

The gate, Who mostly writes about computer games and technology, reports on an unusual prize game made two weeks ago by a Slovenian store when it announced a draw for the PlayStation 5 console, five controllers and headphones.

In a fortnight, the post received over 21,000 comments, but it became complicated in the draw. In front of the cameras, he drew an influential figure, who sounds like Kattithblondie, who would have to glide the tablet in several video comments before reaching out to those who have been involved since day one. The entire draw was already drawn for over 17 minutes.

“Congratulations to all the winners but this draw was actually completely meaningless … The draw for the PS5 console included only those who commented the maximum. 15 minutes ago fact Despite the fact that it was said The prize play lasted until 16:00 (given that it was a draw at the time)) The others didn’t even have a basic chance because they didn’t load them at all … like they did next. The bar will not comment, use the app to select the winner, ”was the participant’s advice.

The portal also criticized her breasts, which the camera preferred to bring into the lens, saying it had little to do with video games.

And the result? The store lost nearly 600 followers due to the slip, which calls into question the rationality of rewarding the console, as the point was to recruit new followers.; Photo: Instagram

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