The starting village is rebuilt in EU 5 and the result is great

The starting village is rebuilt in EU 5 and the result is great

dozens of versions of Skyrim was released by Bethesda in recent years, but these remasters have brought little graphical innovation. with the launch of unreal engine 5Have you ever wondered what the game would look like in the latest generation engine? Environmental artist Christian Gomm of Mirkur Games thought of this and recreated some of the starting locations from the adventure, including the iconic Riverwood.

Posted in Production reddit recently, but already youtube Since December last year. The place turned out to be truly amazing, and the beef roasted the Riverwood with great care in detail. Quality lighting, set of models, materials and textures gave the place another “face”.

It’s worth mentioning that the graphics are very well drawn at this stage, but with this bold look there’s also a nice nostalgia involved in seeing so many familiar places.

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The action RPG developed by Bethesda was released in November 2011 and has gained a slew of fans over the past decade. During its trajectory, several versions were released for many different consoles. But one thing is true: Skyrim still continues to amaze,

Horses were nearly cut off from Skyrim, reveals dev

Can you imagine exploring the entire Skyrim map without a horse? Know that it almost happened. In a documentary to celebrate 10 years in 2021, a dev revealed that “Pokoto” barely made it to the game. check details,

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