The UK government denied rumors that it would be the sole headquarters of Euro 2021 – the game

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A continental tournament of selection in 12 places seems crazy with this time Coronavirus epidemic Still infecting many people in the world. However, this plan remains Uefa till Euro 2021, A tournament that had already been postponed for a year due to Kovid-19.

In recent months, rumors that the tournament may drop the initial plan and only be played in the UK have surfaced in the European press. In October 2020, UEFA accepted the possibility of having the tournament in less than 12 places, a situation that it backfired, Keeping number. In January 2021, Karl-Heinz Rummenig, a Bayern Munich consultant and close to the organization’s summit, said the idea of ​​a single seat was not ruled out.

“This is just speculation. How the tournament will be hosted is a matter for UEFA. As they said yesterday, they are committed to the current format of the tournament. We are focused on the matches that are going to be held in the United Kingdom.” . Matches are also being held at Seven in Wembley and Hampden Park in Glasgow, “said a government spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, if logistics was already a challenge, the epidemic made it worse. Several European countries have closed their borders in recent weeks, such as Germany – a situation that has forced the Champions League and Europa League games to play in other countries. Others have created quarantine obligations for specified days. And, without the possibility of widespread vaccination by June, the situation is unlikely to improve.

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UEFA plans to host games in 12 cities across the continent: London, Dublin, Baku, Munich, Rome, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Budapest and Glasgow. Since the semi-finals, all games will take place at the English capital’s Wembley Stadium. Groups are already prepared, with locations for each match defined.

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