The United States creates 916,000 new jobs in March and the unemployment rate falls. National newspaper

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The US created 916,000 new jobs in March. This was the best number recorded in the epidemic period since August. In New York, an app will allow the vaccine to participate in various programs.

With the new vacancies, the unemployment rate fell from 6.2% in February to 6%. Nevertheless, the United States still has 8.4 million fewer vacancies than the onset of the epidemic.

With the relaxation of the measures, the number of Kovid cases has increased again in some states, but the pace of vaccination gives confidence to businessmen.

President Joe Biden promises adequate doses for all adults by the end of May. With a look at that, the tourism and entertainment sector was the one that was hired the most in the last month.

In New York, anyone who wants to go to concerts and sports events will be able to use a new instrument developed by the state government. The first test was done in a basketball field in Brooklyn. But now it is for real, there is already a game scheduled and the passport is in the cell phone.

The new application connects directly to vaccination posts and those who are fully immunized receive a code that guarantees entry into internal events. Nevertheless, all have to wear masks and maintain their distance, as it is not known for sure how many vaccines the coronovirus can transmit.

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