The United States hardens its approach to Russia and China. World and science

The United States hardens its approach to Russia and China.  World and science
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Published 03/20/2021 8:37 AM

United States – Joe Biden’s government has increased verbal confrontations this week with China and Russia, with representatives from both countries with whom the United States measures the forces. His predecessor, Donald Trump, attempted to influence Biden at the beginning of his foreign policy, from authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir and Xi Jinping, while trying to revive historical alliances to oppose opponents. Was promised

On Wednesday, 17, Biden said in a TV show that he believed Putin was a killer and said Russia would pay dearly for trying to interfere in the 2020 US elections. Attempting to influence the electoral controversy in Trump’s favor, that’s all. It was done in 2016, it appears in a US government report. Russia denies this. The Kremlin said on Friday that it prepared for a possible new Cold War with the United States. “We certainly hope for the best, but we are prepared for the worst,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Putin wants to maintain relations with the Americans, but it is not possible to disregard Biden’s speech.

While still a senator, Biden announced that he is not a “big fan” of Putin and said the United States needed to have a “direct political confrontation” with the Russians on how he would act. In the presidential race, Democrats criticized Trump for his cooperative tone with authoritarian people like Putin, and made it clear that he would treat them differently.

Under criticism of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, which is unhappy with foreign policy measures of continuity – such as the announcement that it will not be able to withdraw all US troops living in Afghanistan until May – the Biden government began investing. In new tones with opponents and in alliance with China.

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The Biden team’s first face-to-face contact with Chinese diplomacy was turbulent. In Anchorage, Alaska, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with representatives of Beijing on Thursday. 18. The exchange of bars between the two sides was recorded by security cameras. TV, something unusual in the diplomatic world.

“We certainly know and knew that there are many areas where we are at odds,” Blinken said yesterday, noting the criticism returned by the Chinese was not surprising. “But we were able to have very clear conversations in these many hours. Regarding Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, climate. Consultation with Congress with our allies and allies.”

A day earlier, the United States announced sanctions on 24 Chinese officials for political repression of opponents in Hong Kong. Earlier, in Japan and South Korea, Blinken issued statements about concerns about human rights violations of the Uyghur minority in China.

If Biden’s talk about Putin by treatment standards among leaders was unheard of, the Trump administration would lead to a confrontation situation with China. Apart from regional and technical issues between the two countries, the trade dispute directed relations between the Trump White House and Beijing – and there are no signs that this will change with Biden.

The information is from the newspaper O Estado DS Paulo.

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