The US president says that he will pressurize Russia to respect human rights; Understand the political tension between Biden and Putin. world

Russia bans and imposes sanctions on the US, but it is open for meetings with the White House

“We will not stand still or allow abuses,” American said.

Both countries are experiencing moments of diplomatic tension:

  1. Biden has applied since he took office in January New sanctions against Moscow To consider that the Russians interfered in the United States by coordinating the 2020 presidential elections Virtual attack on government agencies American.
  2. Biden criticized Putin’s government in the case of poisoning and subsequent arrest. Alexey Navalny, Anti-Russian president;
  3. In an interview, Biden stated that he agrees to it Putin described as ‘killer’. In view of this, Russia formally declared the United States as a “hostile” country.

Opposite of trump

During his speech on Memorial Day (a holiday in honor of men and women in the United States Armed Forces), Biden stated that he wanted to show solidarity towards Russia.

With this type of posture he establishes one Break up with your predecessor’s demeanor, Donald Trump, Accused of tolerating disrespect for human rights in the Kremlin.

Despite making it clear that if they “continue to interfere in American democracy”, it will impose sanctions against the Russians. Biden guarantees that he does not want to “trigger a cycle of escalation and conflict”.

The Russian government said the meeting between the leaders would serve to discuss “strategic stability issues”, “solutions to regional conflicts” and problems arising from the epidemic.

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