The Vikings actor joins HBO and will win everything in this series!

The Vikings actor joins HBO and will win everything in this series!

platforms of streaming seems to be gaining more and more prominence around the world. Not only for the incredible films that they have available to us, but also for the wonderful series that they develop throughout the year. Since we present to you a series that has already released in 2020, the truth is that it has just started to become successful all over the world.

So, that’s because HBO Max is starting to expand to countries other than the United States. For example recently arrived in Brazil and already planning to reach Europe. But let’s stop talking and know more about this wonderful series.

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The Vikings actor joins HBO and will win everything in this series!

hbo series

Hence, Raised by Wolves tells the story of Earth but human on the verge of extinction. Where the main objective of two android robots (mother and son) is to create two human children. In addition, there is a religious problem among humans that seems to eliminate the race altogether. By doing this the robots will control this situation. But is it worth spending time on this series?

Thus, the cast of this series consists of big stars from Hollywood and beyond. Many of them have joined many other famous Netflix series. They are none other than Travis Fimmel, Niamh Alga, Jordan Lofran, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazard and Mattias Varela.

hbo series

In short, this is a series that is only available on HBO Max. Soon it is almost certain that we will have this streaming service available in Portugal. But let’s wait for more details about the matter and hope it happens at the earliest.

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We’re looking forward to your response when you see it!

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