The Warriors defeated the Dragons to end the high campaign

Warriors coach Brad Donald praised his team’s “amazing” progress as they ended their NRLW campaign in style with a stunning 22-10 win over Steele George Alvarado at the ANZ Stadium on Saturday.

The Warriors’ trio of Ivania Plite, Elijah Green and Kareena Braun.

The Warriors team met a month ago under extraordinary circumstances with only five current players traveling to Australia.

Donald said the final win was a “great reward” for all those who helped ensure the club’s representation in the NRLW this season.

“It’s amazing for us to see what we’ve been able to make in four weeks,” Donald said.

“Everyone has played a role in supporting the staff in the Zealand Rugby League, the Warriors and the NRL.

“It’s a huge tribute to the girls who stayed home.”

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Green and Pellet said goodbye to their pair in the rugby league and the pair tried one by one on the left side and added 305 meters, five line breaks and 16 tackle buses.

Pellet’s fight with Jessica Sergis was a highlight in the game with the Rugby Sevens who were getting the state Daily M medal winner with a deadly hurdle that flew to Sergis.

Another big hit from Green Server Sergis added an edge double but the Dragons Center will not hesitate with some of his strongest defense efforts in return.

“They [rugby sevens] The girls have shown us what a standard of professionalism is in a contact sport, ”said Donald.

“They are amazing people off the field and their work ethic and attitude are second to none.

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“Things like that connect not only with the players, but with the network. We will interact with some of these and cross-pollinate between the two games.

“The biggest thing about the movement is that there is a passion in all sports. We talk about NRLW being the only sport but we have a way and that’s it.

“There’s a great sense of collaboration between games and I think we need to learn more codes to take the next step from amateur to semi-professional and professional.”

Injuries forced the Dragons to fight 16 players who rejected NSW representatives Maddie Studen (ankle) and Tina Panitani (knee) before the kick-off.

Dragons coach Daniel Lacey turned to Debit Net Jade Etherdon in the middle and looked excited for the first 15 minutes before the team collapsed.

Tegan Berry, another Dragons starter, was denied an initial attempt by Madison Bartlett’s last-minute save and was forced to make contact.

Dragons captain Sam Bremanner stepped down from Berry’s side three minutes later and the 18-year-old took a second chance to put the ball in the corner.

However, in the first appearance of the season, a mistake from Madison Wethaler proved to be a coach-killer when the Warriors helped send a green over to Sergis by the heroine of Pilot.

Green with space. Goodbye.

The Warriors re-entered when Schਲntel Stowers put Mallison Bartlett on the right side with a move.

A double with Shania Power in the second half ensured the victory of the traveling Warriors, who came together with a pre-game for the cultural hawk to accept their campaign.

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“These girls have shown for each other. We are doing everything they can to get on the field and enjoy each other’s company.

“I can honestly say I’ve never been in a group that had an issue.”

In another concern for the Dragons, Kelly Davis left the field late in the math with a back injury, while the team eased the lead late with an effort from Alia Fasawalu-Faamosli.

The Fasavalu-Famasili score was late

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