The White House says the Biden administration ‘takes inflation very seriously’

The White House says the Biden administration 'takes inflation very seriously'

White House Press Secretary Jane Saki – (Photo: Reuters / Leah Millis)

White House spokesman Jane Saki said US President Joe Biden’s government “takes the possibility of inflation very seriously”. He made this statement during a press conference when asked about a possible high rise in consumer inflation in the country, which was also erratic at the time of the economic recovery due to the epidemic of Kovid-19.

Jane Psaki said it would be up to the Federal Reserve (Fed, US Central Bank) to resolve the issue more, but noted that most economic analysts predict prices in the country are “temporary, transitory” Will advance .

The spokesperson further denied that the additional assistance given by the federal government in the epidemic could lead people to search for work. He said that the main problem for this is still the epidemic and its effects, which the government is working to solve.

Jane Psaki also defended the infrastructure spending package in the country. According to him, Biden’s proposal is largely aimed at rebuilding and modernizing the infrastructure, which according to him “helps us compete with China”.

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