There are 15 moon trees in the United Kingdom (but it is not known where)

There are 15 moon trees in the United Kingdom (but it is not known where)

a Royal Astronomical Society It is on UK Space Agency In 1971, NASA astronaut Stuart Rosa on the Apollo 14 mission began the search for trees grown from seeds grown around the Moon – Moon trees.

NASA astronaut Stuar Rosa picked up about 500 tree seeds as a sycamore Pincus teda – A type of cedar for the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Although most of them were later planted in the United States, some 15 trees may have arrived in the United Kingdom, he explained. Steve millerIs the vice president of Royal Astronomical Society, No program Mali, gives BBC Radio 4.

If the resulting trees or their offspring can be traced, they can be delayed, marking them as bisectors. Royal Astronomical Society, Which was celebrated in 2020.

A month after the program, Miller was searching for trees, but in vain.

Kew Gardens this is Jodrell Bank Arboretum Seed is not recorded Who is believed to have arrived in Britain.

according to a The releasePromised to Royal Astronomical Society A cut of the second generation Lunar Tree, growing in a private garden in the village of Flamsteed in Chilton Hills, north of London.

We are extremely grateful for this. But we still want to know if any Apollo 14 seeds arrived in Britain and – if so – what happened to her?Miller explained.

NASA sent seeds into space to find out if and to what extent microorganisms affect plants. Investigation of potential effects is still ongoing.

In 2015, two kilograms of seeds were spent on the International Space Station (ERA) for six months with astronaut Tim PK of the British European Space Agency (ESA). When the seeds returned to Earth in 2016, UK schoolchildren and groups participated in an experiment to see if radiation in space, which is 100 times more powerful than the Earth, would affect seed germination.

The results showed that, although arugula seeds grew slowly and were more sensitive to aging, they remained viable.

The United Kingdom is home to seven apple trees, which fulfill the mission of a lifetime when they travel to the ISS along the Peak. Britain’s space agency cultivated tree seeds themselves, which inspired Newton to search for gravity.

“Sending seeds to space helps us understand the impact of unique environment on the biological structure of seeds. Understanding the effects of space on non-sprouting seeds will be important for future space missions, even when we are from Earth Beyond wants to sustain human life, ”he said. Libby Jackson, Head of human exploration for the UK Space Agency.

Currently more than 60 lunar trees have sprouted from the seeds of the 1971 Apollo mission on Earth.

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