There will be more restrictions on messages during conversations on WhatsApp

There will be more restrictions on messages during conversations on WhatsApp

In a new message restriction update WhatsApp To reach all users. As it did two years ago, Messenger seeks to combat misinformation and fake news within the platform. For now, the novelty in the beta version of the app is in the testing phase, but everything indicates that it is here to stay.

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The information was released by the WABetaInfo portal, which specializes in revealing everything being tested in Messenger. It is worth checking out to prepare the new range. After all, the amendment will be implemented soon.

What is the new messaging restriction on WhatsApp?

First, it’s worth noting that WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. They have a kind of unique counter that knows which messages are repeated. In fact, this is one of the ways the platform has to block and penalize spam, for example.

The company can’t read the counter, but it is possible to identify similarities between text and files. From there comes the recent update released by the users of the beta version of the device. In fact, the modification was mainly found in the software code.

After all, what happens in WhatsApp messages?

A screenshot released by WABetaInfo shows how the behavior change works. With this implementation, users will have limit on sharing of messages. That is, a message cannot be replicated to many different destinations.

WhatsApp limited the sharing of a single message to a group. Well, you can no longer forward the same message to multiple different groups.

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Earlier there was a limit of shares, now the road has become even narrower. Only one shipment would be possible and nothing else.

Find out when the news is officially out

There is still no specific date for the official release and distribution of the update. Similarly, the company did not comment on the matter or its intention.

It is expected that this change will be made to further deter the spreaders of fake messages and spam. In fact, sharing “robots” by WhatsApp should be more easily stopped.

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