‘There’s a way out’: Zuckerberg sets Facebook roadmap at year-end meeting Money

'There's a way out': Zuckerberg sets Facebook roadmap at year-end meeting  Money
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that criticism of Facebook had hurt staff morale, saying public scrutiny “comes with the field.” – Writers pictures

PALO ALTO, Dec 16 – Facebook Inc.’s top executives at a year-end meeting yesterday called on businesses such as commercial and virtual reality to rally employees on a priority basis, citing the company’s record on false and violent speech. Years faced.

“The way out is being completed. I believe that the only way forward is to keep working, “Chief Executive Tiv Mark Zuckerberg told reporters, according to audio from an address heard by Reuters.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that criticism of Facebook had hurt staff morale, saying public scrutiny “comes with the field.” But he also said he was interested in at least some opponents or in tarnishing Facebook’s image.

“We also have to admit that we have a lot of competitors, and there are people who believe that their success depends on their failure. That’s why it’s important that we don’t just accept all criticism critically, “he said.

Critics have been pushing Facebook to reach out to speech at its services this year, in a rare incident involving staff, with the Joker polishing US President Donald Trump’s positions on Zuckerberg with icing. Is accused of doing.

The world’s largest social network also boycotted this summer’s hostile rhetoric, the spread of violent rhetoric around the November US presidential election, and an atmosphere of bitterness with regulators over alleged hostile behavior.

Despite the headwinds, Zuckerberg and other executives who spoke at yesterday’s sessions, including Chief Product Officer Chris Cox and Chief Technology Officer Mike Sroefer, sought to focus more on technology and product priorities.

Zuckerberg said he would focus “exclusively on technologies that provide a” deep sense of presence, “such as augmentation and virtual reality.

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He also said that the company had a “unique opportunity around business and payment”, as well as construction tools that would enable collaboration between people working remotely.

CEO Sheryl Sandberg, who has played a lesser public role with Facebook than in previous years, closed the session by thanking employees for managing employees in accordance with the remote operating arrangements requested by the coronavirus epidemic.

He said about 20,000 new employees joined the company this year, taking 17,000 jobs since the epidemic began who had never set foot in a Facebook office. – B uters cry

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