They activate a security fence in Portugusa to kill young people

They activate a security fence in Portugusa to kill young people

After the disappearance and murder of two youths, aged 17 and 20, living in the village of Turen, the village of La Mision, Portuguese authorities set up an outpost and in the area of ​​events to locate the whereabouts of those people Activated a security fence. Responsible for both offenses.

Governor Rafael Call said after meeting with the heads of all state security and intelligence agencies on Wednesday, “The purpose is to prevent him from leaving the area, and if we survived, we would find him.”

In a press conference, the regional president said that there is “no hypothesis that we discard” about these cases, specifying that investigations are ongoing and so far they have not been able to determine whether the two incidents are related , If they were created by the same person or if they were isolated situations.

The Public Ministry appointed two national prosecutors to investigate and the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) also created a special commission for field expertise.

Likewise, Callas urged the security and police investigative bodies to clarify these incidents as soon as possible, which are not common in Portugusa and shock the population, especially because of the similarity of deaths.

Both victims went missing in La Mision, in a rural town of Turen, at different times and in different places, and their bodies were found a day later, with symptoms of sexual abuse and mechanical asphyxia.

There is no third victim

At the press conference, Wallace denied the existence of a third victim, based on the fact that photos of a girl who is allegedly missing in Piretu, a city near Turen, are broadcast on social networks.

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On the other hand, he reported that a young woman was missing in Guanare, which was found in Accrigua this Tuesday afternoon, saying that “she had nothing to do with the Turon cases.”

Guard plan

Away from La Missione’s police cordon, Portugusa’s watchdog plan for peace and security will be implemented, as suggested by the head of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) in the state, resulting in Alfredo Gonzalez Vienna. latest events.

“We are going to locate outposts in different parts of Portuguesa to strengthen control, prevent women and reduce other crimes,” Callas announced.

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