??, they have to endure, this is how it works ??, says Youtuber, who dropped a sports car onto the pole

??, they have to endure, this is how it works ??, says Youtuber, who dropped a sports car onto the pole



London youtuber Bruno Bubula revealed himself in his stories on Instagram, About the accident in which she was involved in Galba Palhano on Sunday afternoon (7), when she struck her Corvette on a pole. In temporary messages addressed to some neighbors, he warns that whoever is disturbed by the noisy car has to bear ??

“I’m going to send a message to the neighbors here who say I’m just speeding up, making noise ??, YouTuber starts.” Man, the sports car will make noise. It has exhaust, it has an engine, even a Corvette V8. Dude, will it make a noise ??, he said.

He continued: “You will never see any Ferrari passing on the road with round noise. And it’s not because I will stop keeping a car. If the neighborhood there is disturbed by the noise, you have to bear.” The neighbor is a noisy car. Does it work, man ??, he argued. “There are people who have a car that doesn’t make noise and there are people who have a sports car that makes noise, who That is my case. ??

Bubula also said accidents happen with both luxury and popular cars and explained the noise that could disturb the neighborhood. “What’s the matter? Sometimes, [o veículo] It spans 60 km / h, 50 km / h, first, second gear, and the exhaust will scream. How it works is like a sports car. You will walk, you will stretch to bring that beautiful snoring that the sports car possesses. You’re not going to buy a sports car like a goal, okay? Agreed ??, he said.

In the situation reported on Sunday afternoon, comments on social networks said that Babula was performing risky maneuvers at the time of the accident. However, Bonde, military police lieutenant Felipe Fransche, denied this information and said that the trachea test did not indicate consumption of alcoholic beverages. The vehicle was eventually put on hold due to problems with the license plate.

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Youtuber says that soon a video will be released on his channel showing the moment of his sports car beat on Sunday (7). See what he posted in the stories this Monday (8):

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