They install a robotic arm in the cafeteria of a US military base that is capable of grilling a steak and preparing a salad in 15 minutes.

Instalan un brazo robótico en una cafetería de una base militar de EE.UU. capaz de asar bistecs y preparar ensaladas en 15 minutos


27 December 2021 13:09 GMT

The machine seeks to reduce the risk of food waste and transmission of infectious diseases.

The US Air Force’s 60th Air Mobility Wing, based in Northern California, became the first military unit in the country to be equipped with a kitchen “robotic arm” designed to reduce air pressure. risk of food waste and infectious infectious diseases, Inform Stars and Stripes, the newspaper of the Defense Department of the North American country.

As per the contract signed in April this year, the machine, named Alfred, was developed by Boston-based startup Dexai and is priced around Rs. $99,000. In September, the company received a new contract, this time for two years and $1.6 million, to further develop the system.

The robot has an automatic arm adapted to the dimensions of the kitchen as well as artificial vision, which allows it to recognize, collect and mix ingredients using different utensils and then places the parts into a container. Takes 15 min Grilling steaks, making Greek salads and serving ice cream.

The company noted that teams of many of these robots can collaborate to ensure speedy readiness. In addition, the system tracks each order and alerts managers when inventory is running low or what the most popular ingredients are.

Additionally, the designers at Alfred have plans to teach you how to take on new tasks, such as operating a grill and fryer or cooking raw ingredients.

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