Thiago Couto seeks confidence from Rosario Seni for second goalkeeper role

Thiago Couto seeks confidence from Rosario Seni for second goalkeeper role

was praised by Thiago Couto rosario cenic after the classification of Sao Paulo for 16 inch round copa sudamericana, The Cubs were the first-choice goalkeeper in the 3–0 win against George Wilstermann.

Thiago Cotto praised by Rosario Ceni after Sao Paulo qualified for the next stage of the Sudamericana (Rubens Chiri/

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With the departure of Tiago Volpi, Couto is the only option other than Jandrei for the position at the So Paulo tricolor, thus, he wants the confidence to show that he can occupy the second goalkeeper position in the team.

Against Georg Wilstermann, although he was not used so much, he corresponded all the moments when he was requested. During the post-game press conference, Rosario Ceni praised the athlete’s performance and stressed that he needed to be prepared.

– The couto was a quieter match, a cross ball, a more boring ball that bounced in front. A confident athlete on a daily basis. Should play again next week. We don’t have Volpi anymore, only Jandrei and we have to give him a game. We have to prepare someone. You have to play another 90 minutes against Ayacucho and then focus on the rest – he said.

After ten years at So Paulo, Couto was the fourth option until last season, climbing after the departure of Lucas Perry, and now, of Volpi. This Thursday’s match (19) was the controversial first international match by the 23-year-old athlete.

In the youth category, the goalkeeper has won the Copa do Brasil and Paulista Sub-15, State Championship and BH Sub-17 Cup, Cup and Supercopa do Brasil Sub-20 titles in 2018. So Paulo Junior Football 2019 in addition to the cup.

In 2017, it was the first time he made contact with a professional team, when he was invited to make pre-season appearances with the rest of the team in the United States, when the club won the Florida Cup.

In 2020, he moved to the professional category and trains as usual at Bara Funda CT along with Seni and his other cast members. As a professional, he was present, along with Hernán Crespo, at the Victory of Paulisto 2021.

So Paulo now looks to face the Corinthians next Sunday (22) for Brasileirao at the Neo Quimica Arena. For the Classic, Jandrei should be the main option, however, it has already been confirmed by the coach that Couto will be present against Ayacucho on Wednesday (25).

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