This Free Site Is Like the Google Stadium and GeForce Now of Retro Games

This Free Site Is Like the Google Stadium and GeForce Now of Retro Games

Familiar with cloud game services like Google Stadium and Envidia’s GeForce Now? PiePacker is a kind of retro version of them, which allows you to play a variety of nostalgic games both in the cloud and for free, without having to download anything.

If you feel nostalgic about this rainy and cold weekend, a relatively new site will throw you into the Time Tunnel and let you play some retro games—and a few other games—for free. And yes, it is completely legal.

There are 60 free games, and some Atari classics

place piepacker One of a kind web gaming platform that works completely legal and allows you to play alone or with your friends online in a kind of nice gaming zoom conversation. service started at all as a project on kickstarter, which eventually became a site that still exists today and is in beta.

Let’s start by saying that if you expect Pipacker to replace your monthly subscription with Playstation Plus or another gaming service – then no. However, even though it has a fair range of games today – with around 60 titles – it still includes some good games that will tickle your nostalgia. Kids from the nineties might enjoy the game of Earthworm Gym 2 or Worms World party.

This week the team behind PiePacker announced that five gaming Atari games have been added to the gaming platform it built, including classic Pong, Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, and Missile Command. This is in addition to the games mentioned above and a few indie games that the site’s staff managed to add, including a game that will excite Lupine addicts on Netflix (as the author of these lines).

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One of the most interesting and cool things about PiePacker is the fact that the platform not only allows you to play with friends online, but – if you want – you can choose to play retro games given to you with your keyboard or remote. Huh. Can connect to computer (if you have one). In addition, you can talk and chat with friends while playing – Discord style.

includes lego

The project, which began as a campaign on Kickstarter, has meanwhile become a startup, and also completed $12 million in capital raising last August, with the investment arm of Lego leading an investment round. Yes, whose small bricks cost in billions.

Firefox or Rahman Letzlen Safari users? You’re in a bit of trouble. On paper the PiePacker platform is only available for use for Google Chrome users. However, from our experience, it has been able to work smoothly on Chrome-based Microsoft Edge as well (The one that starts stealing Chrome users,

From my experience with the PiePacker platform, the gaming experience overall hasn’t been bad – but there’s room for improvement. I think this is relatively forgivable, given that it’s a completely free beta. Some games I tried like Earthworm Gym and Worms ran smoothly, while the classic and least “heavy” games never stopped faltering in the few attempts I tried to run.

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