‘This is salvation!’ – MBAPA relieved from scoring 100th PSG goal

'This is salvation!'  - MBAPA relieved from scoring 100th PSG goal

After three games without a score, the World Cup winners beat Montpellier late to move to a century of League 1 Champions goals.

Callien Mbop felt free after finishing his wait to reach the goal of the century for Paris Saint-Germain.

Leading Frenchman Mbepe scored 99 goals in all competitions for PSG when he scored a double in a 3-2 defeat against former club Monaco on 20 November.

He failed to find a clean slate in three performances against RB Leipzig, Bordeaux and Manchester United before a 3-1 win over Montpellier in League 1 on Saturday.

With Mois Kane giving PSG the lead in the 77th minute, Mbepe tried to score with his only effort and added points in favor of Thomas Tuchel at the stoppage.

“I knew my stats, yes. These were some of the matches I wanted to score 100th,” he said. Canal +.

“It wasn’t a problem. It’s a salvation, especially in a big club like this and all the great players who have come here. When I signed here, I never thought I would score 100 goals so quickly. C. Long-term purpose.

“Thank you to my teammates and the club for reassuring me, whether in good times or bad. Thanks to everyone who works there.

“I think I can score more, offer more support. The time will come. I’m feeling better and better and going through the matches will allow me to be better physically.”

MBPP is joint fourth with Dolenic Rotio in the PSG’s list of top scorers, behind Paleta (109), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (156) and Edinson Cavani (200).

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“Score 200 goals with PSG? Who knows,” said Mbabane, who has often been linked with visits to La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. “I never thought about 100 goals! You just have to think about the next game.

“It’s been three and a half years, and I’ve been here a lot. It’s great to have the support of the people.”

The 21-year-old scored 74 of his 100 PSG goals in France’s top flight, including 13 more attacks in the Champions League, although he has not scored in nine matches in Europe.

His other 13 goals have come in France’s domestic cup competitions and trophy des champions, while he has scored only three times out of the box in League 1.

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