This is the trick to use 2 accounts on the same phone, about which few people know

This is the trick to use 2 accounts on the same phone, about which few people know

Although many people think that this is not possible, there are some alternatives that allow not only WhatsAppBut many other apps are duplicated on a single device which, depending on the situation, allows a person to use more than one account of a given service.

With this in mind, if you have a cell phone with an operating system AndroidWatch this lesson till the end and we will explain the details about this available option.

How to duplicate WhatsApp in your mobile?

As indicated by the portal fairwareThe first option available is to access the App Store and download the app “double space”Which once installed on your device will allow you to mimic WhatsApp and set up a new account with a different phone number.

The portal also confirms that some cell phones already have the resources to copy apps, as is the case with Samsung devices, in which some of them have apps. “Dual Message”,

*** Check if your device has this feature.


We would like to reinforce that when you download an app to intercept a specific function, it may put your device at risk. stay tuned.

Don’t forget that all of the above is for informational purposes only and is not intended to guide practices or solve device problems. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your cell phone, we recommend that you seek out a technician to evaluate the situation and indicate the best option to solve the problem.

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