This Thursday (24) – 02/23/2022 . Barroso talks about TSE and elections in UOL interview

This Thursday (24) – 02/23/2022 .  Barroso talks about TSE and elections in UOL interview

Former President of the Superior Electoral Court, Minister Luis Roberto Barroso is the guest of UOL interview this Thursday (24) on UOL Channel. The broadcast starts at 10 am, live on the homepage of uolyoutube and social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Barroso will talk about the balance of his management at TSE, the challenges of the 2022 election at the Court, and the tasks that will be inherited by the court’s next presidents: Ministers Edson Fachin and Alexandre de Moraes. The program includes a presentation by Fabiola Cidral and the participation of columnists of uol josius de sousa And Christina Tardaguil,

On Tuesday, the minister attended the inauguration ceremony of TSE’s new chairman Edson Fachin and criticized the attacks on electronic voting machines. “One of the tactics of authoritarian businesses in various parts of the world is to discredit the electoral process, to make false accusations, and to propagate the discourse that ‘if I didn’t win, there would be fraud. Donald Trump in the United States, seeking to invalidate his opponent’s unequal victory and cause the crowd to believe the lies”, the minister said without quoting Bolsonaro directly.

In last Tuesday’s UOL interview, Senator Aliciane Gama analyzed the landscape of this year’s election, the prospects and forwards of a third way in the controversy for the presidency of the republic. Kovid’s CPI,

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On Tuesdays and Thursdays, UOL Interviews gets live at 10 a.m., discussing politics, economics and the country’s main issues for an in-depth analysis of the country’s main issues. The program is presented by Fabíola Cidral and counts the participation of columnists and journalists uol,

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