This USB-C Cable Could Steal Your Data!

Vendu entre 159,99 et 199,99 dollars, ce câble qui ressemble au vôtre peut servir à pirater votre mobile ou votre ordinateur. © Hak5

This innocent looking USB, or Lightning, cable was designed by a hacker. It attaches a mini Wi-Fi module and a payload to steal data from a mobile or computer. It is marketed and costs less than $200.

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it looks like a charging cable smart Fone, it works the same way, but this cable, with a power tip, USB-C, USB-A or Micro-USB, is not trivial. Exchange with you, once it is connected to a smartphone or computer, it collects a lot of data and transmits it to an operator located within a 1.5 km radius. No device was spared, not even an iPhone or Mac. It is a true ally of hackers or intelligence services and is also marketed by the company Hak5.

The paper developed by a security researcher is known as mg, it sells for around $200 and comes in several versions depending on the desired tip and functionality. Thus we get, for $159.99, a cable designed to take the place of a detachable keyboard. it contains a keylogger, i.e. a program capable of collecting everything that is recorded Via keyboard. It can remember up to 650,000 keystrokes.

There’s Nothing Flawless About This Cable

Designed as a device to perform intrusion tests on an experimental basis, the electronics of this cable were Unveiled during 2019 def con, a conference dedicated to hacking. Until then USB cable-C appears to be able to avoid this type of change due to its small size. It is really necessary to integrate both chip Wi-Fi socket and a mini . In Server Web. This is now done with a smaller module, which takes up only half the length of the hull. plastic from socket USB-C.

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Hackers can connect to this Wi-Fi access point. If applicable, an interface a Sailor Allows ordinary web hackers to exploit their payloads. The cable also includes a geolocation function. Whether it allows you to activate malwares and other data collection tools by location physique Why cable? In this way, it can be used in a targeted and knowledgeable manner.

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