This week the best Windows 10 apps

Four hundred and seven in a series. Welcome to this week’s brief overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store over the last seven days.

Windows 10 may make custom changes to the system in the future based on the user’s activity preferences. Microsoft has added a new “Optimize Your Device” page to OBE that asks users to choose activities, such as gaming, business or family, for which they plan to use the device.

In other news: Bing is now called Microsoft Bing, and Microsoft released it 10 App Store Principles “To promote choice, fairness and innovation”.

As always, if I missed an app or game released this week that you believe is particularly good, let me know in the comments below or let me know by email.

Discount this week

The following is a list of the best deals. Make sure you look at the store for all offers.

Some apps offer discounts for more than a week. Only new apps and games are listed below. See previous posts in the series for previous offers that may still be eligible.

New Windows apps and games

Lego Mindstorms Robot Researcher

A supported application for the new Lego Mindstorms robot inventor set (ID 51515). Includes instructions for building robots and “code and play” through over 50 different activities.

The coding interface is based on scratch, advanced users can access Python directly.

UT .b (Officer)

Google lists Microsoft’s Xbox console as a system that is compatible with the official UT app. System requirements on the same page indicate that it is also compatible with Windows 10, but it cannot be installed from the store page at this time.

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Users who want to use it need to open it Edgard store pageOn the page, change the first menu to Product ID, paste the ID 9ndp7ktlk7w3 into the second field, and press Enter. The app can then be downloaded and unloaded on the system and installed on it.

The YouTube app lacks a lot of options and comfort, and it may not be the best choice on Windows 10 devices. For one, it can only be used with the keyboard when typing to go into the menu.

Notable updates

Ck Tilly Access to recently used files for Windows Update is improved, and there are several bug fixes.

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