Three out of four supercomputers found in Latin America are working to improve oil processes. Latin America | Supercomputer | cheka

Three out of four supercomputers found in Latin America are working to improve oil processes.  Latin America |  Supercomputer |  cheka

in all three, The largest include 200 terabytes of RAM (random access memory), 100 gigabytes per second network, and millions of Mathematician. Its assembly process lasted about three months, followed by a period of installation and auxiliary operations.

Ten trucks were required to carry all the necessary parts and were set up in rows of eight to nine blocks, totaling 34 meters in length and 20 tons.

Supermachines are part of the technological operation that supports a giant in the pursuit of greater efficiency and assertiveness in oil extraction in the oil field. It aims to improve the performance of geophysical data processing and reduce geological and operational risks, enabling the use of the best processing techniques, in addition to supporting the Company’s strategic projects.

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The equipment has a processing capacity equivalent to 300 thousand laptops or 12 million cell phones and smartphones. The trio has been allocated 390m² in a reserve useful area of ​​the data center, with power infrastructure and demand above 3,500 kVA, among other requirements signed in the bidding process for a contract that will last ten years.

“These projects are extremely important to the company, as we are able to meet the specific needs of our customers, helping them to reduce the time by at least two-thirds for certain essential activities, such as the extraction of oil barrels. Withdrawals”, explains Valdinei Cornation, executive director and head of technology platforms at TIVIT.

Significantly, to keep these three powerful machines as well as many other computers in its data center in full operation, TIVIT requires constant power and air conditioning availability while controlling all parameters of power quality, temperature and humidity. monitors. of the environment.

To cool the hardware store, the company has a reservoir with more than 3.6 million liters of cold water, which is equivalent to one glass of water for each resident of the state of Rio de Janeiro, or up to three glasses for each resident. . The capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Supercomputers contribute to strategic projects, one of which seeks to ensure full use of all available data for the area of ​​interest, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

The geophysical processing capacity installed at TIVIT still plays a relevant role in reducing the time required to implement investment projects in the exploration and production segment.

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