Thursday Quicks: Ball Qualifying Edition

Thursday Quicks: Ball Qualifying Edition

In an extraordinary year for college football, and sports in general, it seems only fair that the postseason of college football should also be changed.

The NCAA Division I Council on Wednesday waived all winning requirements for bowl qualifying, meaning record-losing teams will qualify for bowl games.

This rule allows all 127 teams currently participating in the ball sub-division to qualify for the postseason.

Teams usually have to reach six wins, but with a concise schedule, it looks like a lot of teams will reach that point.

This, of course, is good news for Kentucky. By most standards, Kentucky can go 5-5 with an All-SEC schedule this season and the season can be considered a success.

We’re still not entirely sure what the bowl season will look like, but it does open to some forced postseason matches.

Tweet of the Day

Big blue hair.


Kentucky Defense Wolves – Preparing for a match with KSR

The hands of the Wildcats will be full against the crime of Tennessee.

The UK-UT decision could be made by offensive line play – Herald Leader

A great game for big blue hair.

How have COVID restrictions slowed down UK basketball ties? – Cats pause

This is a challenge, especially with so many newcomers.

Kokid-19 – Nick Saban tests positive for ESPN

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Both Saban and Eddie from Alabama tested positive.

CFB – Travel for a reason to worry about increasing cases in SI

It is reasonable to wonder what the future holds for college football.

Rajan Rondo plans to exit Lakers contract – Yahoo!

Rondo was leaving LA

How many more championships will LeBron win? – Blair reports

Problems aren’t great for his age, but LeBron is defending them.

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