Tibetan students handcuff themselves to IOC headquarters to protest Winter Games in Beijing

The group called the event a ‘genocide game’ and criticized itself for collaborating with China during the committee.

VALENTINE FLORAUD / AFPPolice pulled out students after being chained for three hours

a small group of students from Tibet handcuffed himself in the Olympic ring at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (Watch), in Switzerland, in opposition to the holding of Winter Olympics in Beijing, This case happened on this Saturday, 11. The youth called the event a “genocide game” and were joined by other activists who protested at the entrance of the IOC building. China has controlled Tibet since 1950 and made the region one of the country’s most restricted regions. “By cooperating with China, the IOC is engaging in the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party, which will be taken away from the Games by the Beijing Olympics,” campaign activist TYAE said. Last week, countries like we, Canada I Australia Announced a diplomatic boycott of the Games. Athletes can participate. In response, the Chinese government has threatened “firm countermeasures” against the US if the boycott proceeds. The sit-in at the IOC headquarters ended three hours after the police arrived.

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