Tiger Mafia Review 2 | Series tries to explode once again, but loses focus

Tiger Mafia Review 2 |  Series tries to explode once again, but loses focus

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic was a difficult period for everyone. No one understood what was happening, although there was hope that the virus would be fleeting and everything would be resolved soon. However, with each passing day, the situation became more dire, forcing people to cling to entertainment and forget the problems that came with coronavirus. And one of the things that helped people the most was the premiere of the documentary tiger mafia,

The series debuted on Netflix in March 2020, telling a story that is as humorous as it is heavy and sad. Members of the streaming service Joe Exotic were shocked by the story, while enjoying the real-life characters and their somewhat caricatured personalities. The documentary entertains, but also sparks shock and rebellion on many levels, both because of its condemnation of animal abuse and the way these people deal with problems.

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success of tiger mafia It was large, resulting in people attacking or defending Joe Exotic, wrapping the story with American politics, prompting the creation of a series with Nicolas Cage that didn’t get off the ground until it was officially released. But the premiere of the second season was not confirmed. , Shorter than before, the new batch of episodes has just arrived on Netflix.

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NOTE: This review contains spoilers from Tiger Mafia!

At the start of the season, the series claimed to have achieved success, but as dazzling as it sounds, they are right. The documentary was, in fact, a phenomenon. While the first season’s focus was on Joe Exotic, his feud, and the events surrounding it, the sequel, which once implied, was the time to delve into other characters like Carole Baskin, of course, with the disappearance of her ex. Time-Husband, Don Lewis, as well as Jeff Lowe and Tim Stark. However, looks like the series has not got any concrete target for this new season.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

Still, the documentary series delivers everything it promises, with lots of excitement, irresponsibility, guesswork, accusations and many, many crimes, resulting in the same chaotic entertainment given in the first season. The highlight of the series is a short investigation into Don’s whereabouts, which refutes the famous allegation that Carol killed her ex-husband and dumped his body for the animals to eat.

With archival footage and videos of his own, Carroll had a lot of screen time without even officially admitting to participating in the series. She enjoys a great prominence in contrast to her No. 1 enemy, who tried to break out of prison while apologizing to the then President of the United States, Donald Trump. The alien, in addition to swearing that he is innocent, believes that he should be out of prison soon and not turn his back on his old and new enemies with harsh words.

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Image: Disclosure / Netflix

The events that gain continuity in the series are, in fact, worthy of a good documentary series of real crimes, if not for all the grotesque involved in the story, which leaves it without a very clear focus. Many of the issues involve defendants accusing others and defending themselves, creating a tangle of America’s most bizarre conspiracy theories. Basically, the same intention as the first season, but the question is: are we still in Publicity, Does this shit still interest us?

At least, the new season of the documentary series ended with a happy ending for the many battered tigers who were rescued and can now run free and away from the cages. While the humans show their worst side of the story in every episode, felines are respected for the first time.

second season of tiger mafia already available on netflix in five episodes.

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