Tiktok rival YouTube Shorts launching in Brazil this Monday | technology

Tiktok rival YouTube Shorts launching in Brazil this Monday |  technology

The platform allows vertical video of up to 60 seconds, and they can be recorded and edited directly from the mobile app.

Content can also use music snippets in a shorter format, up to 15 seconds.

This feature will be available for around 25% of the users in the first few days. In the coming weeks, it should be released to everyone.

Shorts product manager Todd Sherman said that with the new feature the company intends to “fill life’s little moments” with short videos.

YouTube had been testing shorts since last September, when Appeal continues in India. Some creators gained early access to the tool and many users were already able to browse these contents.

With its launch in Brazil, Shorts will get more space on the YouTube app. There will be a “shelf” on the home page that will highlight some short videos.

They will also appear among related videos and will have a dedicated tab, giving a similar browsing experience to TikTok with infinite scrolling.

YouTube will allow people to remix and create collages with audio of traditional videos that are already on the platform and are longer than 60 seconds. The company is betting that this will be one of its competitive advantages.

The intention is that, in the future, users can create collages with video images, not just audio. The creators of the original content will be able to decide whether or not to allow these montages.

Learn more about TikTok, the Shorts rival and most downloaded app of 2020, in the video below, according to a report by consulting firm AppAnnie:

TikTok: The Chinese App That Has Won The Hearts Of Millions Of Users

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