Tim Benz: Like the idea for Tuesday night’s NFL games? Good. You will see them again.


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Are you ready for some football ?? A Tuesday night party ??

There are buffalo bulls and tennis titans.

I think.

Hank Williams Jr. should return to the studio to re-record the old “Monday Night Football”. Because of the Covid-19 Shady .Ling backlog, I don’t think this evening’s game will be the last Tuesday night’s match you’ll see.

This year or in the future.

If the ratings are good, the NFL will allow it to happen again in 2021. On purpose this time.

And, unless the league is ready to set up a buffer of 18 weeks before the playoffs, they may need to use some of Tuesday’s remaining dates as options to squeeze into rescheduled games. This may be the only way to hopscotch through coronavirus-related barriers to scheduling.

In fact, if the league is really smart, it may want to say goodbye to Week 18 instead of the 14th (after all clubs have completed their original scheduled departure week starting Thursday, December 10).

Use Week 14 as a holding station for games that cannot be rescheduled. Hopefully you can get past the last three weeks without a hitch, and, thus, the top two teams in the conference don’t have to worry about two weeks a week.

Yes, he will push Super Ball back in a week. It’s better to do this now, however, than to do it in Scramble-mode a month before the game.

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Otherwise, I’m not sure how much time the NFL can change the schedule to continue this season without a hitch.

The biggest issue for the NFL to reconcile is finding out how much its own test costs. After all, Commissioner Roger Goodell is spending Reported $ 75 million On its nonstop coronavirus testing blitz. We are talking about an estimated 120 Tests per team.

Bravo. It is important to catch positive cases.

But what about dozens of people? Negative Tests per team The NFL is essentially ignoring after one or two positive tests?

The Titans are the only team with a true coronavirus outbreak. Desh Bhagat has had some cases. Their facility has been shut down, and they have been part of the rescheduled games. The Chiefs had a player and a strength coach. Chicago Bears shut down for a while after some players were injured. Jets and Cardinals Almost rescheduled a game Being a false positive in New York.

This is madness.

We are talking about a global epidemic. The league – and the world – is reportedly reacting as if they were infected because the virus is easily transmitted. Therefore, you can take a lot of precautions and still get infected anyway.

So, to play and practice contact sports like football, you are internally inciting the logic of the best way to avoid this disease, right?

Social distance? Masking and disinfection between plays? Forget them all. The NFL has decided to play.

Great. Then play.

Play through it. Use an expanded exercise squad. Play with players who have tested negative.

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That’s what college is all about. As long as the team can take the field. In September, Virginia Tech ACC won the game Despite 23 players missing due to coronavirus positive tests and contact tracing.

Or, if it’s too dangerous, fine. shut down.

Otherwise, you run the risk of a few weeks in October and November, while reducing your chances of going to the Super Bowl in February.

This is a serious issue. At some point, the NFL has to ask itself, if Joe Blue Linebacker tests negative, what does that really mean?

Is Joe Blue Linebacker Really Negative? Or – if he had to face a lone infected teammate – who is a Blue Linebacker as a matter of fact Seen as “Not positive… still

Due to the time of onset of the disease, the perception of infection seems to be on the whole team. This is how the NFL works. Negative means “not positive … however” if there is a positive on your roster.

It’s safe. An abundance of caution. Of course.

Maintaining such a game for six months is also an impossible criterion.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin described the ideology as “a failed, all-failed mentality”. In other words, “If one of us gets lazy in protocol and takes a positive test, we all go down as a result.”

This is a great way to promote safety for Tomlin. But that’s not how the NFL should run.

If one of the two full rosters tested positive – such as Arizona vs. New York – is it below the threshold that is almost for trigger rebuilding, skip now.

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Why bother? Because, frankly, I think the league, given the close contact nature of the games, has overcome the difficulties despite being virus-free.

Most importantly, I’m happy with the lack of positive contact between infected teams (such as the Titans in Week 3) and non-infected opponents (such as the Vikings in Week 3).

I’m “ready for some football.” I have been since March. I’ll take it any night. It’s available. Just keep making it available. Or take it away from me now.

Investing in one season, then watching it melt because the NFL program can’t work, would be worse than never seeing it start.

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