Tim Cook tells shareholders that Apple has never had products with such potential

Tim Cook tells shareholders that Apple has never had products with such potential

This Tuesday (23), during the annual meeting of investors AppleChief Executive Officer of the company, Tim CookStated that the company “never had a line of products with greater prospects for the future.” During the meeting, which was held online, Cook talked about this Coronavirus, Challenges, expectations for the future and more.

In meetings with shareholders, Vishal’s news is not normally mentioned, therefore, the conversation revolves around more general matters. Because of this, the CEO generously remarked that “interesting things” are being prepared for Iphone I computer.

He said that a part of Apple’s success in 2020 is due to the popularity of the products Airpod max this is HomePod Mini. On services, Cook congratulated AppleTV +.

Apple TV +

He said, ‘Our approach from the beginning has been to tell such things. We see Streaming As a field with space for multiple players. We want to stand by bringing high quality content that exposes the humanity we have ”, he argued.

Coronavirus challenge

Tim Cook said that most Apple employees have been working in the home office since the official coronavirus epidemic was announced in March last year, and he feels extremely satisfied and proud of the work that has been done.

“I still feel that there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, but we also found that there are some things that really, really, really work. We use this unusual moment as an opportunity to help challenge the status quo. We are developing new skills, abilities and flexibility that will work us incredibly well in the long run ”, he defended.


The executive also said that despite the global health problem, the year 2020 was quite productive and the company made several launches even with the complex situation. Last year, Apple reached the rank Largest smartphone seller World, cross Samsung, for example.

Vision for the future

Confident Tim Cook said he saw more opportunities for the future than obstacles. He hopes with 5G iPhones and first generation Chip m1 It is quite high. Remembered was another item in the portfolio Apple Watch, Which is seen as an important ally of users’ health.

“After the year that we all spend, I’m very optimistic about the future, and for us at Apple, we’re thinking as deeply as ever, how we can help strengthen our community from this situation Can ”, defended the CEO.

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