time and where to look 02/16

time and where to look 02/16

See the schedule for Wednesday, February 16, 2022 in the most diverse sports of snow and ice

In its final week, the Winter Olympics in Beijing this Wednesday, February 16 presents a completely banned event at the Games, with the gold medal hunt becoming increasingly fierce. Follow the fight for the podium and find out what the 2022 Winter Olympics schedule is up to today.

Winter Olympics schedule today

Bobsled, curling and freestyle skiing are on the schedule for the Winter Olympics this Wednesday, February 16, 2022 in Beijing, China.

Norway topped the medal tally for good, with 13 gold medals and 28 overall. Meanwhile, Germany and the United States closed the top 3 of the competition with 10 and 8 gold medals, respectively.

See the schedule for this Wednesday’s Winter Olympics below.


22:42 – Men’s quadruple official training – Heat 3

curling curling stone

22:05 – Men’s Qualification Round (Denmark vs United States)

22:05 – Men’s qualification round (Sweden vs Switzerland)

22:05 – Men’s qualifying round (Canada vs Great Britain)

22:05 – Men’s qualifying round (Norway vs Italy)

esque alpino ️

23:30 until dawn – Women’s Alpine Downhill Combined

freestyle ski

22:30 – Freestyle Skiing Women’s Halfpipe – Classification

23:21 – Freestyle Skiing Women’s Halfpipe – Rank 2

Where to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Olympic Channel on Globo, SportTV2, GloboPlay and YouTube are responsible for airing bids for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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tv globo

Globo broadcasts the Winter Olympics live for the first time. Under the command of storytellers Everaldo Marx and Daniel Pereira, the station compiles and mains the best moments of the day every day, from Monday to Monday, always from one o’clock in the morning, after Jornal da Globo. match.

The program also includes former athletes and sports commentators.

sport tv

Sports TV 2 channel is available for those who prefer to watch on off TV and all sports. Natalia Lara, Bernardo Adler and Sergio Arenillas are responsible for leading the program at dawn, night and dawn.

The channel is available only to the subscribers of Pay TV operators.


Another option is through Globo Play, Red Globo’s subscription streaming service. The platform makes SportTV channel available to the subscribers, hence, it has become another option to watch all winter sports bids this year. You can follow directly from your computer, SmartTV, tablet or even your cell phone.

The service is available (www.globoplay.globo.com) for R$19.90 per month.

olympics no youtube

For those who are not subscriber and like to follow without paying anything, olympics youtube channel The main controversies such as snowboard, skating and bobsled will be broadcast live. However, broadcasts do not contain narration, commentary or translation.

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