‘Time Of Carnage’ Has Been Postponed Due To Fall In Film Revenue

'Time Of Carnage' Has Been Postponed Due To Fall In Film Revenue

the release of ‘Venom: Time for Carnage’ has been postponed again. Scheduled to premiere on September 24, Spider-Man’s sinister symbiosis and villainous film will now hit the US big screen on October 15. In Brazil, Sony Pictures confirmed that production would arrive in movie theaters a day before the release date: 14 October 2021.

The reason for the new delay? Covid-19 pandemic. The decision was taken because the reopening of cinemas in the United States has been hampered by an increase in cases of the disease linked to the Delta version – something that has heightened public insecurity and, consequently, affected revenues. has done. New productions (for example in the case of ‘O Esquadro Suicida’, which fell short of expectations). In August, 67% of consumers reported feeling unsafe going to the movies these days, according to the country’s national survey group.


Official poster of ‘Venom 2 – Time of Carnage’. Image: Sony Pictures / Disclosure

Truth be told: worldwide film results as a business remain shaky, as with films such as “The Fast and the Furious 9”, “A Quiet Place – Part 2” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy”. Shows the variation in revenue between . For example, at the US box office. At the same time, global revenues are hurting because of the difference in the COVID-19 infection scenario across the world.

Initially planned for an October 2020 release, the film’s release date was pushed back twice: first due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the second straight with the fan-anticipated title: ‘Fast and Furious 9’ To avoid competition. In short, Sony doesn’t want to risk losing viewers in theaters, and prefers to wait (once again) for the new feature to be released.

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is the return of the sequence Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams as Brock/Venom and Anne Weying, as well woody harrelson like a massacre. The sequel is directed by the actor and producer Andy Sarkiso. The last trailer was also released recently. Read the official summary below:

The relationship between Eddie and Venom continues to develop. Seeking the best way to deal with the inevitable symbiosis, these two sides figure out how to be together and somehow be better together than apart.

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