Today is the day: the arrival of cell phones in Brazil 30 | Brazil – Latest news from Brazil

Today is the day: the arrival of cell phones in Brazil 30 |  Brazil - Latest news from Brazil

Today is the day: the arrival of cell phones in Brazil turns 30 (Photo: Isaac Nobrega)

What was the big device that used to stick to people’s ears and mouth? Thirty years ago, one of the most revolutionary changes in the field of telecommunications would be enabling the first 700 pieces of Brazil for cell phones. The first call in Rio de Janeiro on December 30, 1990, was the leading link to infinite contradictions that would fuel this technological development. The world will never be the same again. Today in brazil More cell than people. Advantages and disadvantages of the equipment are the subject of reports in various vehicles of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação. Calling became only a description.

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The device is the main way for Brazilians to go online, As shown in a report by Agência Brasil. As of 2019, three out of four Brazilians had access to the Internet and the small screen was responsible for most of the access. More than this: For most people (59%) the network is exclusively used by telephone. In addition to being an information and entertainment tool, cell phones bring possibilities to be included with applications.

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Cell phone use, however, can become one Traffic hazardGenerate Posture problems, Change Quality of sleep Create more Dependence on different audiences, In some cases, apart from being harmful to the school environment.

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Fear of being without a cell phone is also a name: nomophobia. Listen to a report by Radio National Where experts explain this disorder.

Even Pope Francis has spoken on this subject. Ear tug: Families should keep their cell phones While eating food. The cell phone is important, but nothing replaces eye interactions well.

happy New Year

Universal Confederation Day is a time of hope all over the world. Time does not stop In fact, time (without pronunciation) does not stop. Words changed to Portuguese still need to divert attention from those writing in Brazil. The orthographic agreement entered into force five years ago on a mandatory basis. Still have doubts? Check report from Agency brazil and listen On the radio To deepen your knowledge.

Check the facts from 27 December to 2 January
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Death of television presenter Jacinto Figueira Jr. of São Paulo, known as O Homme do Sapeto Branco (age 15)

The International Monetary Fund is formally created with the signing of an agreement between 29 countries (75 years)

Birth of Fluminense basketball coach Arya Vidal (85 years)

The invention of the cinematograph, which gave birth to the current cinema, by the Lumière brothers (125 years)

Construction of an executive committee to look after the definitive project for the construction of a bridge connecting the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Netroi (55 years).

Birth of American golfer Tiger Woods (45 years)

The arrival of cell phones in Brazil (30 years)

Construction of the Museum of Image and Sound of Campinas, SP (45 years)

Death of singer and songwriter Natalie Cole (05 years)

The birth of a French industrialist, geographer and civil engineer, naturally born in Brazil, Henrique Moriz (160 years) – together with Roquet-Pinto, he was one of the founders of the Radio Sociedade, later the media MEC

Gaucha actress born of Italian origin Maria della Costa (95 years)

Birth of actor, broadcaster, announcer, radioactive, writer, director and screenwriter of Ceará Emiliano Queiroz (85 years)

The birth of former São Paulo footballer Roberto Rivalino (75 years) – often considered one of the best players in football history

Foundation of the German Empire (150 years) – Sometimes known as Imperial Germany, it was the German national state that existed since the reunification of Germany in 1871 until the renunciation of Emperor William II in 1918.

Formation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or simply the United Kingdom (220 years)

Ceres, the largest and first known object in the asteroid belt, has been discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi (220 years old)

The British colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia constitute the Union of Australia; Edmund Barton appointed as Prime Minister (120 years old)

Dilma Rousseff is the first woman to head Brazil (10 years)

In 1990, the Orthographic Agreement entered into force in Brazil on a fixed and compulsory basis (05 years).

Universal confirmation day

Public Domain Day

Esporte Clube Bahia Foundation (90 years)

The birth of Russian filmmaker, documentary filmmaker and journalist Dziga Vertov (125 years) – he was part of the constructionist movement, writing several articles on film theory

Lula Ferreira (70 years), born former Sao Paulo basketball coach Alusio Elias Ferreira Xavier

Birth of São Paulo footballer and trainer Valdir Per (70 years) – considered one of the most important goalkeepers in Brazilian football

Construction of Pedra Azul State Park, Espírito Santo (30 years)

Every week we publish the main dates together with the ephemerides project of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC). In this space, the reader has access to episodes and personalities that had a presence on the national and world scene with links to content built on the themes.

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