Tokyo 2021 Olympics: ‘Alternative’ medal table that places Brazil 8th and USA 15th

Tokyo 2021 Olympics: 'Alternative' medal table that places Brazil 8th and USA 15th
  • Robin Levinson-King
  • BBC News, Toronto (Canada)

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The United States finished the Tokyo Olympics in first place with 39 gold in the overall medal tally.

The medal tally at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan was again dominated by the largest nations such as the United States, which finished first. But what will the ranking look like if population and wealth are taken into account?

When it comes to the Olympic Games, the spirit of déj vu prevails. Every four years, the same few countries win medal after medal—the United States, China, Russia—and Tokyo was no different.

The US has won a total of 113 medals, including 39 gold, more than any other country.

So what is the reason that countries like the US dominate the rankings while others are left behind? Economists and data nerds have some theories.

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