Tom Espinall denies interim title fight and reveals UFC plans – 01/04/2022

Tom Espinall denies interim title fight and reveals UFC plans – 01/04/2022

After five appearances undefeated in Ultimate, Tom Espinall was named as one of the organization’s heavyweight prospects. English, which occupiestop division rankingThe league’s president is in high spirits with Dana White, and can therefore reach more challenges in his next commitments.

But as far as Espinol is concerned, he will cautiously top the category. In an interview with ‘CBS Sports’, Britain declined the opportunity to enter a potential dispute for an interim heavyweight belt. The provisional champion’s post is being scripted, which is winded up by Dana, as linear champion Francis Nganou underwent surgery and there is still no forecast of a return to the Octagon.

“It’s not something I think about too much. To be honest, I’m not interested in it. I think there are other people who deserve more (this chance), like Stipe Miocic or Jon Jones I am in the top 10 right now. I don’t want to do any such thing,” he said.

If an interim title fight still doesn’t interest Aspinall, the contestant knows very well what his goal in the franchise is. As his popularity grew in the United Kingdom, the heavyweight expressed his desire to be the great representative of the British in the organization and intended to perform more frequently in front of his compatriots.

“I want to fight in the UK. Me and Tai (Tuiwasa) in the UK would be incredible. I want to be a UK guy. I don’t want to fight on a card where I’m just another, you know? That guy”, He concluded.

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Tom Espinall, 28, started his career at Ultimate in 2020 and has already impressed. The Englishman is still undefeated in the organization after five matches, having won three opponents by knockout and two by submission. In his career in the sport, which began in 2014, Britain has 12 wins and only two setbacks.

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