Tony Hawk talks about why he remade one of his best games

Tony Hawk talks about why he remade one of his best games

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Not everyone can rotate a skateboard 360 degrees while passing through the air, and then land it without throwing it on the ground.

Tony Hawk can and, as the most famous skateboarder on earth, has made it possible for millions of others to do the same in their sports series.

“The success of the Games is probably why people still know my name today,” Radio 1 News tells Zebit.

“It changed my life, that’s why I was able to follow my passion.

“It’s really rewarding to be back 20 years later with the same gameplay and the same enthusiasm.”

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The Tony Hawk Pro Scatter was first released 20 years ago and the new versions have been an integral part of the gaming release program for 15 years.

The early title is considered by many The most popular games of all time.

However, no new releases have been made for the major consoles since 2015 – and That version was widely criticized.

Tony explains why he thinks now is the right time to revisit the series: “The seed was planted when we were approaching the 20th anniversary of the first game.

“I saw all the fans say they wanted to re-master.

“With the subject development worker, this topic came up, and it seemed like the right time.

“Victorius Visions was given the task of developing it and I will say very soon, we started to see progress that I knew the fans would be excited about.”

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This new release is to serve as the first two Tony Hawk Pro Scatter titles.

Gaming has changed a lot since the release of Mu Le significantly in 1999

Continuous online worlds, battle royals and loot boxes were still far away.

But Tony is convinced that the audience is there for the remake:

“Those fans are coming back because they enjoy the gameplay and can get back into it.

“I also like the idea that there is a whole new generation that has never experienced any of these, they will get to play for the first time.”

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Tony thinks these are fans of the original who should be most excited: “Levels and maps are just as good as the first games.

“Developers have nailed the gameplay and brought it into a new field of technology.”

Original titles are credited with getting a lot of skateboarding Stars on boards for the first time.

Tony says the plan was never: “It became a kind of added bonus for all of us,” he says.

“I just thought we’d make a game that would appreciate skaters, and maybe persuade some of them to buy a console – but it ended up inspiring gamers to skate.

“After 20 years, I think it will still inspire people, but for the most part, kids started skating at an early age.

“There is another increase in the popularity of skating and it will be in the Olympics next year so it is on a path like never before.”

The UK’s 12 year old sensation Sky Bra .N competition should be next year And Tony is practicing with her: “She does everything she can to find her problems, she doesn’t give up.

“She does a few tweaks here and there until she’s done. And it’s a wonderful scatter mark.”

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Tony promises that getting the soundtrack right has been an important part of the remake’s development.

That’s one of the reasons why the original was so successful:

“It has the same will, but just updated – I wanted to be true to what made it famous, what brought people to it in the first place.”

At the age of 52, Tony admits that he is slowly starting to arrive but hopefully this remake will carry on his legacy for a while.

He says it allows him to continue his signature “900” trick: “Every once in a while, I can do it in real life but it doesn’t come so easily.

“I would say that if I go any further, it will be through my character in the game!

“It’s an exciting time. I’m just thankful I’m still here and I got to see it all happen.”

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