Towards the NBA? Basket Robot is Basketball Attraction at the Olympics – Prisma

Towards the NBA?  Basket Robot is Basketball Attraction at the Olympics - Prisma

In the Land of the Rising Sun, technology and sport meet. And one of the highlights of this Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is the robot ace in basketball. In the game’s break of modality, the motorized dude captures attention with incredible baskets, carefully calculated.

In the video, the Basket Robot hits a basket in the middle of the court, a rare sight even among the highest level players in the NBA, and won the affection of the Japanese. With shots from different distances and dropping accurately, without touching the hoop, the robot drives people on the playground crazy.

It is not possible to identify which sport had animation of the technology, however, as basketball games at the Olympics started this weekend.

The initial phase started with enthusiasm till the end. The United States’ favorite team lost to France this Sunday morning (25) in their basketball debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

France came past the scoreboard in the last minute, but managed to spin and even extend it, ending the game 83–76. The United States and France are in Group A, which also includes Iran and the Czech Republic.

The United States will return to court against Iran next Wednesday (28). On the same day, France will face the Czech Republic.

US loses to France in Tokyo 2020 basketball debut

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