Toyota buys software company to accelerate autonomous technology – poca Negócios

Toyota buys software company to accelerate autonomous technology - poca Negócios

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research areas of silicon Valley gives Toyota Reported to buy automotive operating system software company renovo To help accelerate the development of fully connected vehicles Self employed.

“I expect to at least save years and months for a viable product launch,” James Kuffner, head of Toyota’s Woven Planet subsidiary, said in a press conference.

The former Google robot engineer said the long-term goal is to design software and operating systems that other automakers will also use.

Toyota is in a technical race with other companies, such as Tesla I heroine, to build cars that can operate without a driver and share data over connected networks. Although some driverless vehicles are already available, their autonomous functions are mainly limited to parking and driving on the freeway.

Toyota has deployed a fleet of driverless vehicles with autonomous technology to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, the company had to temporarily suspend operations after one of them collided with and injured a Paralympic athlete.

US-based Renovo has designed a system for cars that manages vehicle systems and can sort and filter sharing information, including data that can help improve vehicle design.

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