Trans cyclist Emily Bridges banned from running women’s race in UK

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Cyclist Emily Bridges started hormone therapy last year

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges has been declared “not eligible” to compete in the women’s omnium race at the British National Championships this weekend (April 2 and 3).

The bridge was initially authorized to be implemented within the framework of British Cycling’s non-binary and transgender runners’ participation policy.

But the organization later said in a statement, that “it was informed by the International Cycling Union (UCI) that (…) Emily is not eligible to participate in the event”.

The race will be held in the Derby on Saturday with the special appearance of five-time Olympic champion Laura Kenney.

According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, Emily Bridges must wait for her UCI registration as a male sprinter before being able to compete in the women’s section. The athlete began hormone therapy last year.

British Cycling Rules, updated January 2022, require you to demonstrate a low testosterone level for 12 months prior to competition.

This weekend’s initial decision to allow Bridge to compete sparked much controversy. Other athletes threatened to boycott the race.

Former British Olympic swimmer Sharon Davies said this Thursday (31), “It was not fair to ask Laura Kenny and the other runners who were going to face the Bridgers to race an opponent who has the advantages of a biological person.” ” The Times, claiming that “no reduction in testosterone can lower it”.

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