Travelers from the “Red List” country will pay £ 1,750

Travelers from the "Red List" country will pay £ 1,750


The Health Minister said that a raveller “Red List” would have to pay £ 1,750 for quarantine in hotels for 10 days.

Under the new quarantine program, passengers will be forced to go through 10-day quarantines in hotels or other government-provided accommodations.

They will have to pay £ 1,750 per person for the hotel, transport and testing, and Hancock said people will have “visible security” to ensure this.

Arrival will be at one of the 16 hotels contracted by the government, they must stay in their rooms and cannot be accommodated with other guests. They will be set aside for 10 days or more if the test is positive.

Hancock warned that anyone who tries to cover their “red list” 10 days before coming to England could face up to 10 years in prison.

He also confirmed that as part of the 10-day quarantine, arrivals from all countries will now undergo a PCR test on the second and eighth day after their arrival in the country.

The Minister of Health in the House of Commons said that for those who do not meet the new testing requirements, there will be a fine of up to £ 2,000.

The government released a full list of countries affected by the new hotel quarantine measures on 27 January, which are initially subject to countries already covered, including South Africa, Portugal and South American countries to travel due to concerns about mutant strains .

On January 28, Transport Minister Grant Shaps added other items to the list, including the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai. Burundi and Rwanda are also included.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that passengers returning from these countries would “be met at the airport and taken directly into quarantine”.

Passengers will also be asked to fill out a form to explain why it is necessary to travel, as law enforcement is increasing at airports to avoid leisure travel.


Here is the complete list of 33 countries:

Hotel Stone Red List

Democratic Republic of Congo

Portugal (including Madeira and Azores)

United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

Providing more details about the procedures, Interior Minister Preeti Patel said: “Despite the rules of staying at home, we still see people breaking those rules.

“The rules are clear, people should stay at home, unless they have a good reason to leave.


“Going on vacation is not a good reason, so we are going to start a new requirement, people who want to travel should first clarify why they need to travel.

“This reason for the trip will be checked by the carrier before departure.”

Tour operators should pay fines if they do not investigate these forms.

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