Tribuna do Norte – Fiction from Rio Grande do Sul will be broadcast via YouTube

Tribuna do Norte – Fiction from Rio Grande do Sul will be broadcast via YouTube

The first Potiguer science fiction short film, “Around the Sun”, is also considered one of the most watched local productions worldwide. After undergoing 78 festivals and receiving 12 awards, the 2017 work will finally be available on the Internet for all. It will be seen from this Wednesday (07) until 21pm, which will be in the channel of Cultural Seal Madernaz in Youtube. The film’s availability is a counterpart to the award received by Mudernez in announcing the support program for the cultural program of Alder Blanc Law.

Credit: DisclosureThe composer of Minas Gerais Adriano Azambuza plays the lead character and is the author of the soundtrack

“Around the Sun” was directed by Julio Castro and Valmir Cruz, and a black-and-white photograph is used to narrate a short dystopian plot in just 12 minutes. A lonely man, played by Minas Gerais composer Adriano Azambuza (author of the soundtrack), tries to live in a world without electricity, immersed in daily life with limited horizons.

In this imaginary and dark future, the Sun has the most intense movements, and increased solar interference makes it difficult to generate electricity on Earth, and electronic devices are no longer routinely manufactured on the planet. It is in this scenario that a lonely man tries to survive, while a desolate and lifeless travels through Christmas.

The film was inspired by an actual incident in 1989, when the impact of a solar storm hit the Earth and caused blackouts in and around Canada. In its context, “Around the Sun” seeks to generate a reflection on how humanity consumes its resources until it runs out, but does not think of alternatives to live with.

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“Around the Sun” has already participated in festivals / exhibitions in China, Colombia, United States, Philippines, Greece, Holland, India, England, Martinique, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Brazil Huh. There were 30 festivals abroad, and 48 in Brazil. Mudernez producer Silla Gebel commented that the film’s availability on the Internet was already an old request from people, but it was necessary to keep it private to attend festivals. Now, everyone has a place in the black and white sun of the dystopian Natal.


Launch of “Around the Sun” by Júlio Castro and Vlamir Cruz on the Internet.

Wednesday nights at 9pm on the Madernaz YouTube channel.

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