TSSA calls UK to save Eurostar

Devido à pandemia, a Eurostar está funcionando com apenas duas operações diárias

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Due to the epidemic, Eurostar is operating with just two daily tasks

The UK Transport Union (TSSA) has asked the government to suspendTravel restrictions in an attempt to save the Eurostar train company. TSSA Secretary-General Manuel Cortes made an appeal after a meeting with UK Treasury officials to prevent the collapse of the railway operator. Information received from the portal Travel weekly.

Transport Minister Grant Schaaps said recently that the government has no plans to bail out Eurostar as the company is mostly controlled by France. Shapps clarified that the UK would resist calls to provide financial support to the company. “We will try to be useful, but we don’t have a company. We sell our shares,” he said.

“The focus should now be on recovery and we will do everything we can to ensure that Eurostar has a bright future. Ministers should make every effort and work with us on this urgent task of protecting the British Gateway to Europe . Eurostar is in a fragile position. Situation. I know that the company and all members are ready to return to service as soon as it is safe to do so. The Treasury must make every effort to ensure that this happens. ” Cortes appealed.

* Fonte: Travel Weekly

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