Twitter tests new professional profile for corporate version of social network

Twitter tests new professional profile for corporate version of social network

Twitter is testing a new look to introduce professional accounts on the platform. The proposal is to add an “about” tab, with basic information about the company that the account represents.

Through a Twitter business profile, the company released a novelty called Professional Profiles, which aims to use social networks for work. “Professional profiles are a new tool that allows businesses, non-profit organizations, publishers and creators – anyone who uses Twitter for work – to show specific information about their business directly on the profile,” The company states.

As a photo released by the company, the tab brings up a link to the business website, address and opening hours. Apart from this, you also have two buttons to show how you should get a place and another to contact you.

Unfortunately, the facility is still unavailable in Brazil. According to the company, the tests are being carried out “with a small portion of business in the United States”, with the business profile expected to reach more people in the coming months.

Source: Twitter

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