Two-headed, six-legged tortoise found in the United States

Two-headed, six-legged tortoise found in the United States

A rare two-headed, six-legged diamond turtle has been found in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA). The puppy, which was born two weeks ago, was found at a shelter in West Barnstable and taken to a veterinary hospital for evaluation.

Known as bicephaly, this condition can be caused by genetic or environmental factors that affect the fetus.

The two heads operate independently, breathing at different times, and within their shell are two gastrointestinal systems that feed both sides of their complex body.

Cape Wildlife Center posted on social media, “They are eating, swimming and gaining weight every day. It is impossible to get inside these two heads, but they seem to be able to navigate their environment.” work together.”

Turtle monitoring will continue in the coming weeks. The vet hopes to perform a CT scan to learn more about your circulatory system.

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