Two years later, astronomers claimed a new image of the black hole

Two years later, astronomers claimed a new image of the black hole

The press release was quoted as saying, “We have other important information to understand what the magnetic field surrounding the black hole looks like in the M87 and how a large-scale jet drives in such a compact region of space that the nucleus Spans far from. ” Monica Moiserbodzka from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Redbod University in the Netherlands, EHT group coordinator.

Messier 87 (M87) There is a bright giant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo. It is one of the largest galaxies in the broader Milky Way and is a central member of the galaxy’s Virgo cluster. It is primarily known for its large number of spherical bunches – including about 12,000, while the Milky Way only has about 200.

The first image of a black hole – it was M87 – was published in history on April 10, 2019. It captures a clear ring structure and a dark central region, the so-called shadow of a black hole.

In addition, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy is estimated to be about 6.5 billion times more massive than our Sun, which, according to The Daily Mail, emits intense energy streams.

Messier 87 at ESO / VLT Telescope

Photo: ESO

In any case, since the first photo of the object was obtained, scientists from the EHT group have been working on a more detailed analysis of the data on this supermassive object in the heart of the galaxy M87 obtained during 2017.

Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) There is a project that has created an array of radio telescopes from various astronomical observatories located in all kinds of places on Earth. Their first goal was to show the so-called horizon of black hole events.
To observe the heart of the M87 galaxy, eight radio telescopes worldwide have been added to international collaboration, including ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array) in Chile, whose European partner is ESO. EHT virtual telescopes with equivalent dimensions of Earth were constructed. The obtained resolution makes it possible to measure the size of a credit card on the lunar surface.

Experts have now found that most of the radiation emanating from the black hole around it is polarized.

Years of work

“Radiation polarization allows a better understanding of the physical processes behind the image, published in April 2019, and this has not yet been possible,” explained Ivan Marti-Vidal, researcher at the University of Valencia, Spain.

“Years of processing a new image in polarized radiation were required, because the methods of obtaining and analyzing this data are extremely complex,” he said.

Black hole first shot

Photo: EHT Collaboration

According to the ESO, polarization of electromagnetic radiation occurs either with the use of filters such as sunglasses, or when radiation is emitted by a very hot substance affected by a magnetic field. Astronomers can improve their view of the area around the black hole to see how radiation from there is polarized – polarization allows scientists to map the structure of magnetic field lines at the very edge of the black hole gives.

Jets off the core stretch of the galaxy for thousands of light years

“The new image, which contains information about the polarization of radiation, is the key to understanding the processes by which a magnetic field allows a black hole to absorb matter and form a large-scale jet,” NASA’s Space Agency Said Andrew Chail.

View of the galaxy M87, its jet and a black hole in visible light and polarized radiation

Photo: EHT Collaboration; Alma (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO), Goldie et al.; NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA); VLBA (NRAO), Kravchenko et al.; Jessie Algaba, I. Marty-Vidal

The image, taken with the ALMA Radio Telescope, captures a portion of the jet in polarized radiation of about 6,000 light-years from the center of the M87 galaxy.

Photo: ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO), Goddi et al.

The luminous jet emanating from the core of the M87 is at least 5,000, perhaps 6,000 light years away from its center, and is one of the most mysterious structures in the galaxy. Most of the mass that is found near the black hole is drawn into it. However, a certain amount of high energy particles can escape just before absorption and is expelled far into the surrounding space as a jet.

Astronomers then made various models of the behavior of matter near the black hole. It is still not known precisely how the center of the galaxy produces jets that reach equal lengths to the entire galaxy, but thanks to the new image processing of the holes, we can see far away for the first time.

Artistic representation of a black hole in the center of M87

Photo: ESO / M. Grain knife

“The observations show that the magnetic field at the edge of the black hole is strong enough to push the hot gas backward and helps the mass to withstand the force of gravity. Only gas that slides along a magnetic field is incident. May come down to the horizon, ”concluded Jason Dexter of the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

Black holes They are very physical objects that have such strong gravity that no object, including light or other radiation, can leave them. The velocity of escape from a black hole is greater than the speed of light. According to the theory of relativity, there is nothing faster than light, so nothing can leave this limit. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain specific information about the mass in a black hole. The black hole is created by the Black Horizons of Events, which is a kind of boundary of the black hole and a space around it from which it is not possible to eject or send any signal.

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