Tyson Fury’s father suggests his son leave CMB to fight Joshua

Tyson Fury’s father suggests his son leave CMB to fight Joshua

British boxer Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, said he did not agree with a change in his son’s career plans, which postponed a duel in August against compatriot Anthony Joshua, whose third with American Donte Wilder on 24 December There was a duality. July.

“There are 20,000 men around Tyson,” John Fury said. “There’s a lot of leeches there.” He called the move “diabolical” and said it looked like a swarm of locusts while signing a contract.

“To me, it’s a mistake. He can blame his team, right? No one else. Nothing is too good in a hurry, and he was a hurry. He was fighting AJ, I wanted him to Fights AJ. I’m not interested in it. Donte Wilder so why does he have to fight Wilder? Did I tell him in a phone conversation ?? Throw the belt in the trash, (Wilder) pick it up, go back and go according to plan AJ Fight. Who am I? I’m nobody, unfortunately, “he said.

John Fury said he is not sure Tyson can improve his style for Wilder and fears that his son may become complacent before the third fight with Wilder. He occasionally mentions that Tyson is a big boy and can sail his own ship.

“Powers that are in America. Why doesn’t Wilder take a partial check, pay for nothing, and then he can probably fight the winner of Fury vs. Joshua. It’s not impossible to overthrow Tyson and A.J., he said , And that would mean that the greatest British conflict so far is no longer so great, ”he commented.

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The Fury x Joshua fight was announced by two fighters in Saudi Arabia, with a US $ 150 million grant (R $ 782 million) each, but an arbitral tribunal in the United States demanded that Fury and Wilder’s The third duality between, should be performed in the foregoing contract. This was when Bob Arum announced the fight in Las Vegas on July 24.

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