Ubisoft embraces the future of the development of a cross-platform with the killers Creed Walla and many more.

Ubisoft embraces the future of the development of a cross-platform with the killers Creed Walla and many more.

Fans of the French publishing giant Ubisoft games will be able to come and play on any platform for their new Connect service.

Announced in a news post, The new platform is launching on October 29 for PC, console and mobile devices. This app is changing the desktop app and the company’s club loyalty plan.

In addition to upcoming releases, the service is adding cross-progress support for titles including Hyperscape, Catalan Religion, Whale, Immortal Phoenix Rising, and Riders Republic. You can play one of these games on PC and then pick up from where you left off on PlayStation 4. Magic! The future is here.

Ubisoft Connect works on all platforms, so you can see what your friends are playing and what achievements they’ve uncovered regardless of the hardware they’re using.

Rewards are also given for playing Ubisoft titles and meeting challenges for future releases; The more they spend with these games, the more they can unlock. These are divided into ‘core’ and ‘time-limited’ challenges; The former are probably permanent while the latter are only available for a short time.

Upon launch, the main challenges will be Live for Honor, Ghost Reckon Breakpoint, Hyperscape, The Division 2 and Step, while Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Rainbow Six: Siage will be in future updates. In the meantime, time-limited challenges for Honor will be live for all of the above, which will be updated for later use.

Challenges to Ubisoft’s back catalog are not being implemented, so the company has decided to open more than 1,000 prizes for these games, including weapons, character skins and expressions. Ubisoft units will remain, and you will continue to earn them the way you do today.

Oh, and Connect gives players access to their stats for games, such as the number of people they’ve killed in the murder simulator killer Creed Valhalla. They can even compare these figures with their friends, if that’s what people want to do.

The demise of Ubisoft’s app and club services was long overdue. Back in December 2018, the firm stated that club points earned after April 1, 2019, had to be used within two years.

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