Ubisoft will shut down in April

Ubisoft will shut down in April

Apparently, not even the futuristic theme and fun mechanics hyper scape Ubisoft’s free-to-play battle royale managed to wow players. The French publisher announced this Thursday (27) that it would end the activities of the game April 28, 2022,

information was shared official blog, where UBI claims it made the “decision to terminate development” hard on the title, though it did not disclose the reasons for doing so. Of course, the company also said that it is “extremely grateful” for the support it has received from the community over the past few months.

We at Hyper Scape made the difficult decision to end development and end the game 28 April, We set out to create a fast-paced, close-range shooting experience and are extremely grateful to our community for joining our journey. We will carry the key learnings from this game to future products.

To the Hyper Scape community, thank you for your passion and dedication to the world of Neo Arcadia, in and out of the game. Your devotion to the game we have created will always be appreciated.

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More about Hyperscape

See more details about Ubisoft’s free battle royale below (via) official blog,

Hyper Scape is a fast-paced first-person shooter set in the year 2054 and pits 100 competitors against each other in the virtual world of Neo Arcadia.

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