Ubisoft’s subscription service just got a big upgrade

Ubisoft's subscription service just got a big upgrade

UPLAY + has been officially renamed as Ubisoft +, and the change will see the video game subscription service expand across multiple platforms. The service is currently available on PC, but from next month, participants in the Amazon Luna Beta will be able to link their Ubisoft + account to Luna. By the end of the year, Google Stadia players will be able to link their accounts, even if they don’t have a Stadia Pro subscription. Ubisoft + subscription cost per month. 14.99, giving customers access to over 100 titles. In a press statement, Ubisoft’s Alexia Broom discussed the changes.

“With Ubisoft +, our vision is to provide our players with more options to access their favorite Ubisoft games wherever and whenever they want,” said Broom. “This beta period is just beginning with Stadia and Amazon Luna. We’re excited to offer customers the opportunity to check out the premium editions of our Falling Lineup so they can choose and play all platforms with one platform.

At the moment, Ubisoft + is only available on PC, but it remains to be seen whether the service expansion will eventually include consoles. When the service extends to Luna and Stadia, Ubisoft + will allow cross-platform promotions for certain titles, including. Of the killer Religion Valla The first day. A mix of new releases will appear in the service Immortal Phoenix Rising And Watch Dogs: The Army, And older content, e.g. Ryman legend And Beyond good and evil.

It will be interesting to see if gamers adopt the concept of services like Ubisoft +. The subscription model can potentially save gamers a lot of money, but it is possible that some will want to avoid paying multiple subscription fees. So far, Google Stadia has struggled to make an impact, but Luna could have more success, and both could benefit greatly from the partnership with Ubisoft +. At the very least, it will have a huge impact on the number of games available for both services!

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Ubisoft + customers will be able to link to their Amazon Luna accounts starting November 10th. More information about the service can be found here Right here.

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