UEFA announces Wembley will have 50% of total potential in Euro Cup knockouts

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UEFA announced on Saturday that Wembley Stadium will receive 50% of its total capacity in the knockout stages of the Euro Cup. The main English stadium, located in London, will host the two semi-finals of the Round of 16 and the final of the tournament on 11 July. Half the capacity of Wembley equates to about 45,000 people.

During the group stage of the tournament, Wembley is receiving only 25% capacity (22,500 people). Increased public attendance was already planned, but has been put into doubt by a rise in COVID-19 cases in the UK in recent days.

UEFA has also considered moving the venue for the final games to Budapest, Hungary, where there have been no spectators restrictions since the start of the tournament. The main problem with keeping them in London would be the mandatory quarantine of the institution’s 2,500 guests for matches.

But this Saturday, UEFA announced that guests are allowed to stay in the UK for 24 hours without observing mandatory isolation. In the statement, it also confirms that these guests will have exclusive transport for the duration of their stay in London.

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