UK identifies new form of coronavirus – 12/14/2020

UK identifies new form of coronavirus - 12/14/2020

The United Kingdom has identified a new change in coronavirus that may be related to an increase in Kovid-19 cases in southern England. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock shared the information in the British Parliament today.

According to Hancock, the WHO (World Health Organization) has been informed and scientists are already studying the new strain, which is registered by at least 60 million officials.

“We identify more than 1,000 cases with this version, mainly in the south of England,” explained Hancock, who also said that new strain in the area is causing contamination to increase rapidly.

The discovery comes a few days after he began vaccinating against Kovid-19 in Britain – an elderly woman was The first person in the world to receive a vaccine. Nevertheless, Hancock announced that London would tighten restrictions to try to contain new cases of Kovid-19.

“This new change It shows that we have to be vigilant and follow the rules, and everyone must take personal responsibility for not spreading this virus.

Hancock emphasized that it is not yet possible to know whether the new strain is more likely to cause serious illness. Still according to him, “it is much less likely that the mutation will fail to respond to a vaccine”.

According to the BBC, UK testing laboratories discovered the new strain a few weeks ago. “Great efforts are underway to understand the characterization of change and its emergence. It is important to maintain a calm and rational approach, “said Alan McNally, an expert at the University of Birmingham,” This is a general development of the virus and we hope that new versions will emerge over time. “

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